Submersible Reflux Pump


หมวดหมู่ : Mixer / Submersible mixer


Submersible Reflux Pump

Detailed introduction
purpose :

  SRP series submerged reflux pump is the production technology foundation of submersible mixer_ The pump is a special equipment for mixed liquor reflux, denitrification and phosphorus removal in secondary sewage treatment plant. It is also suitable for sewage, sewage discharge and water treatment Small head, large flow places.

●Submersible Recirculation Pump of Micro head, large flow, high efficiency;

●Good hydraulic design structure of impeller, self-cleaning swept-back blades, anti-clogging and anti-winding;

●New-tech sealing materials, two mechanical seals, made of tungsten carbide/silicon carbide, imported bearings, all fasteners are stainless steel, which can make the pump run safely and continuously for more than 10,000 hours;

●Compact structure, simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance, and longer service life;

●Casting or stainless steel stamping structure, small size, high precision, corrosion resistance, no noise;

●F grade insulation of the motor winding, protection grade IP68;

●Electric leakage and water leakage level motor overload protection and alarm devices ensure safety and reliability.


Conditions of use
■ Medium temperature: ≤ 40C

■ diving depth: ≤ 20m

■ pH value of medium: 5-9


■ It is specially designed according to the working mode of micro head and large flow.

■ the main engine adopts stainless steel stamping structure, with good hydraulic performance and high efficiency.

■ integrated hoisting design can realize rapid installation under water.

■ Double mechanical seal and multiple motor protection functions are adopted to improve the operation reliability.
performance parameter


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