Vertical Coupling Sewage Pump



Vertical Coupling Sewage Pump
Product description:
purpose :

■ sewage treatment plant sludge and sewage pumping.

■ pumping of domestic wastewater and factory sewage.


The dry well structure is easy to install and maintain. According to the size of installation site space and piping, there are two types of horizontal coupling and horizontal coaxial

The impeller is of non clogging structure, which can make the dirt pass through easily, and the flow channel will not be blocked. The dynamic balance correction is carried out before assembly.

The pump body and the coupling type suction elbow are equipped with a cleaning cover for removing foreign matters, which can easily remove foreign matters and sludge without removing the pump, facilitate regular maintenance and reduce the probability of failure.

mechanical seal is adopted, and the material of mechanical seal is SiC SiC.

 Performance characteristics:
The impeller adopts double flow channel design, which is not easy to block the impeller.
Using silicon carbide mechanical seal to ensure no leakage
PTV pump adopts direct design, small size, easy installation and maintenance


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