Vertical Roots Blower



Submersible Roots Blower
Detailed introduction:
Power :  0.75-15 KW
Outlet :  DN 32 - DN 125 mm
Pressure :  10-60 KPA
Capacity :  0.38-12.44m/min
Material :  FC 200
Application :  Wastewater treatment,aeration of fish ponds and other drawings;
River regulation.

   three-lobe roots blower is a type of positive displacement blower. Two sets of impellers rotating in opposite directions are arranged inside the casing. Between these two sets of impellers, and between the impeller and the casing, it operates under a state where there is only a small gap when rotated. When the impeller passes through the suction end, a certain amount of air is captured between the impeller and the casing. The air is moved sideways as the impeller rotates, so the pressure rises gradually, and sent to the outlet end.

Detailed introduction:
SRB series will be applied to school, building, community and hospital.

Easy installationSRB series are not necessary to fix on foundation, saving piping cost. Being installed under water, so there is no need to add a soundproofing cover or build a soundproofing factory. Besides, since it is installed in a water tank, it doesn't occupy space. The work place can be utilized more efficiently

Less troubleIt is not necessary for belt and pully because SRB series design directly drive system for raising high efficiency and reducing failure factor.

MotorUsing squirrel-cage induction motor, with F class insulation and IP68 motor protection grade. Build-in leakage detector in motor, can pervert the motor from burning out, overload & overheating

Filtration deviceDry type. It won't distort even by sudden pressure rise or absorption force. The area of filtration device is 1.2 times than the capacity of blowers. It can control the pressure loss less than 25mmAq.
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