Three Blade Pulp Low Speed Propeller


หมวดหมู่ : Mixer / Submersible mixer


Three Blade Pulp Low Speed Propeller

Detailed introduction:

Power :  4-7.5 KW
Impeller diameter :  1600-2500 mm
Thrust :  3110-4280N
Rpm of propeller :  38-52 rpm
Material :  Main engine : FC200, Impeller : GRP
Application: The submersible mixers in our company include 
mixing agitator and low-speed flow propeller, mainly used for: The purposes of mixing, agitating and making ring flows in the process of municipal and 
industrial sewage treatment: activated sludge tank, bioreactor tank,sludge silos, equalizing reservoir, sewge tank and etc.
1. Compact structure, small size, lightweight, convenient operation and maintenance, simple installation
2. The optimized design of the swept impeller has high efficiency and self-cleaning function
3. Used together with the aerator to reduce energy consumption
4. Built-in leakage sensor and stator winding overheat protection device
5. The motor shaft is made of stainless steel, and the rotor adopts dynamic balance detection to ensure stable rotation
How it works?
1. When it is running, the submersible motor drives the impeller to work, so that the fluid generates a certain flow rate, sprays and spreads around the pool at a certain angle, and forms an annular mainstream belt.

2. Due to the high flow velocity in the mainstream area, a turbulent area centered on it will be formed, causing the water body of the whole pool to turn upside down and form a large circulation.

3. The sludge in the pool is always in the state of overturning and suspension, increasing the material contact surface, effectively reducing or even eliminating the mixing dead angle, and achieving the purpose of uniform mixing
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