Hyperboloid Mixer


หมวดหมู่ : Mixer / Submersible mixer


Hyperboloid Mixer

Detailed introduction:

Power :  0.75 - 7.5KW
Impeller diameter :  500-280mm
Service :  1-22m
Rpm of propeller :  20-250 rpm
Material :   Impeller : GRP
Application: The submersible mixers in our company include 
mixing agitator and low-speed flow propeller, mainly used for: The purposes of mixing, agitating and making ring flows in the process of municipal and 
industrial sewage treatment: activated sludge tank, bioreactor tank,sludge silos, equalizing reservoir, sewge tank and etc.

●Excellent flow:no dead angle;
●Easy Installation:no empty tank, easy maintainance;
●Energy saving:larger impeller surface with smaller motor
 Working Conditions

●The temperature of the liquid is generally 0-42°C;

●The PH range: 5-9;

●The density of the liquid does not exceed 1150kg/m3;

●The maximum working depth generally does not exceed 10 meter;

●The minimum working depth is not less than 0.9 meter;

●Interval start time is not less than 10min.

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