Automatic Dissolving Machine



Automatic Dissolving Machine

Detailed introduction:
Dissolving foam dosage: 500-10000l / h

Tank material: PP, SUS304

>Medicine soaking equipment

Uses: This product uses food, chemical industry, papermaking, dyeing and finishing In the industrial process, semi-finished products and their waste water treatment coagulant (polymer) are prepared.
Product Features
1.Jet mixer: Ensures perfectly homogeneous dilution of concentrated polymer.
2.Accurate contact water meter: Design for application
3.Flexibility in tank material: Design for application
4.Broad accessory range: Design for application
5.Device position flexibility: Flexible installation
6.Profibus-DP, Modbus, Ethernet: Flexible integration into central controls
7.Contactless ultrasonic sensor for continuous level control in dosing chamber: Reliable automatic process
8.Strong integration with post-preparation equipment, incl. dosing stations: Easy configuration and commissioning
9.Ability to engineer-to-order: Customers get custom tailored solutions


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