Diaphragm Aeration Disc



Diaphragm Aeration Disc

Detailed introduction:
1. High oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE)
The pores on the EPDM membrane are almost 100% uniform, forming tiny bubbles with a diameter of 1-3 mm
The contact area with sewage increases, so the oxygen transfer efficiency is high. Under the optimal aeration rate, the average oxygen transfer efficiency per meter of water depth is more than 6%.

2. Good power saving effect, low operation cost, high oxygen transfer efficiency, low power blower can meet the oxygen demand of aeration process, so as to save power, reduce operation cost and reduce cost.

3. Excellent anti backflow function
The check valve can prevent reverse flow when the air delivery is interrupted, so that the air hole can be closed freely, which is suitable for intermittent operation. The unique air outlet can effectively guide the air flow and effectively prevent the sewage from entering the aeration pipeline in the shutdown state.

4. Long service life
EPDM film is a special elastic polymer with high deformation resistance and tear resistance index. The membrane is made of uniform thickness and small pressure. Special processing technology is used to cover 6000 micropores on the surface of the membrane. Under the operation state, the bubbles rise with spiral vortex, and have self-cleaning ability. Under normal use, the service life of the membrane is guaranteed to be 5 years, but generally it needs to be used with the water removal system.

5. Unique sealing ring
The fixed ring of the aerator provides a tight sealing function between the base of the aerator and the diaphragm.

6. Easy to install
The PVC flexible joint can be directly installed without other auxiliary tools, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Scope of application

1. Aeration tank, contact oxidation tank and SBR reaction tank of sewage treatment plant are used for aeration;

2. Aeration is used for the aerobic process of nitrogen and phosphorus removal;

3. Aeration for treatment plant of manure and livestock wastewater;

4. Aeration of deep aeration tank;

5. Aeration for aeration tank of high concentration wastewater V aeration for regulating tank of wastewater treatment plant;

6. Aeration for fish pond and other purposes.
Appearance and effect drawing
How it works?
     Activated sludge and contact aeration processes, as well as wastewater treatment for aquariums, require high oxygen transfer rates or efficiencies. Disc Diffuser by ABS + EPDM uses microorganisms in the water to decompose pollutants through oxygen. The Fine Bubble Diffuser produces a large number of tiny air bubbles. These bubbles slowly rise from the bottom of the aeration tank of a sewage or industrial wastewater plant and provide a large amount of efficient oxygen mass transfer into the water. Combined, the bacteria are able to produce enzymes that help break down the waste so that it can settle in a secondary clarifier or be filtered by a membrane.
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