Diaphragm Aeration Pipe



Diaphragm Aeration Pipe
 Detailed introduction:
Air flow: 2-19.2m%h
Length of aeration pipe: 600mm-1000mm
Application: Activated sludge aeration tank, contact oxidation tank, SBR reaction tank of sewage treatment plant, aeration for aerobic process of nitrogen / phosphorus removal, aeration for animal husbandry wastewater treatment plant, aeration for deep aeration tank and aeration for high concentration wastewater aeration tank.

   LK-BG Tube Diffuser by ABS + EPDM is a tubular membrane diffuser mainly used in the continuous aeration process. The energy-saving design has the characteristics of high oxygen transfer efficiency, high resistance to clogging, high corrosion resistance, and wide air volume range when used. Compared with traditional materials, this ABS + EPDM material increases the overall structural strength. At the same time, Tube Diffuser has been upgraded and improved to make it more stable and reliable.


√ High oxygenation efficiency and remarkable energy-saving effect
√ Unique air distribution structure, uniform air distribution, and tight air bubbles
√ High-quality materials are specially processed for excellent performance. The service life can reach more than 8 years
√ With high power efficiency and low energy consumption, it can save about 30% of operating costs compared with ordinary aerators
√ Anti-skid design and cost saving
√ No need for aeration branch pipes, saving investment costs
Applicable to various water body oxygenation processes, such as
√ Municipal sewage
√ Municipal/industrial Mixed Wastewater
√ Industrial wastewater
√ River lake
√ Oily sewage
√ Fish farm

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