Integrated Pipeline Online Monitoring Terminal



 Integrated Pipeline Online Monitoring Terminal
Detailed introduction:
    The integrated pipeline online monitoring terminal is a key equipment designed for the supervision of urban drainage pipe network. It can monitor the water level, liquid level and gas concentration (temperature, humidity, etc.) in the underground and pipeline online by fixed installation on the side wall of the pipe network inspection well, and combine the mathematical measurement model of mud characteristics on the software side, It can effectively feed back and warn the information of pipeline sediment deposition, pollution status and water level, and finally be used for the intelligent management of urban drainage pipelines.
Product functions:
    Real time monitoring of pipeline water level, sediment depth and organic content;
The monitoring signal is transmitted to the cloud platform system in real time;
Discrimination and instruction based on mathematical algorithm and regulatory requirements.
Product features:
   Three prevention design of the box to ensure stable use in harsh environments such as pipelines;
It is powered by weak current battery, and its service life is more than 365 days;
It is safe and reliable to use in a closed environment in the pipe;
Miniaturized integrated design and step-down treatment of components to recuce the overall power consumption of the module while ensuring performance and accuracy;
The wireless communication adopts 4G or 5g, and the positioning adopts GPS or Beidou Positioning, so the communication is stable and continuous;
The detachable design of liquid level sensor (ultrasonic sensor) is convenient for replacement and cleaning;
The ultrasonic water level sensor adopts steel structure support to provide protection and maintain stability.
360° movable single arm support is elected as the installation support, which is suitable for installation in complex inspection well It is convenient for the overall translation adjustment of the later device and does not hinder the daily maintenance and repair of the pipeline;
It has the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof, shockproot and crosion prevention, and has the functions of self starting and stopping, self sealing and short circuit prevention for extreme high water level.


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