Rotary Lobe Pump



Rotary Lobe Pump

• Complete series of pumps to accurately match customer needs.
• Completely symmetrical design, the liquid flow is completely reversible, only the driving direction needs to be changed.
• The regular and wide inlet allows viscous or solid particles-containing media to pass smoothly.
• The running distance of the medium in the pump body is short, the shearing and pulsation of the medium are small, and the transportation is smooth.
• Even if it contains fibers or ribbon-like objects, it will not become clogged.
• Only the pump casing, rotor and shaft seal are in contact with the conveyed medium. Other parts of the pump (including the shaft) are not in contact with the medium at all.
• Compact structure, takes up little space.

• The quick-open design of the pump cover and the single-sided bearing support design of the rotor enable online maintenance of the pump.
• (i.e.: Parts replacement and repair do not require disassembly of the pump or pipes).

• The material of the flow-passing parts is customized according to the physical and chemical properties of the medium, fully meeting the requirements of the working conditions.
• The QP186 and QP285 series products are equipped with rotors with replaceable rotor tips, further simplifying maintenance and reducing operating costs.
• All product lines are available with stainless steel rotors, and some product lines are available with PTFE rotors.
• All rotors are processed by high-precision CNC equipment to ensure precise mechanical shape and low error.
• For highly abrasive media, we offer adjustable rotors and replaceable rotor tips.
• Our helical rotors virtually eliminate pulsations.
• Our lobe Pumps design is compact, can be installed in extremely limited space. • The design of the flange and the placement of the motor can be adjusted to fit for the customer's space constraints.
    Pump body choose inblock casting, the error is minimal. Body Materials can be cast iron and stainless steel.
Chamber inside have replaceable protective liner. The liner surface can be hardened to increase wear resistance.

    Our lobe Pump is unilateral shaft support design, fluid chamber can be quickly disassemble. Rotors and other accessories can be replaced in a few minutes without remove the pump inlet and outlet pipes. Simple maintenance.

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