Self Priming Sewage Pump (SLN Series)



Self Priming Sewage Pump (Non Clog)
Casing Body : Cast Iron / Stainless Steel 304
Impeller : Stainless Steel 304,316
             Ductile Iron
Shaft : Stainles Steel 304
Seal : Mechanical Seal
Electric : 380V. 3 Phase

Product Information

   A self-priming pump uses an air and water mixture in order to reach its fully primed state. While called a self-priming pump, it is actually a centrifugal jet pump working principle. It uses force to create a pumping action by using a pressure differential in a liquid. 
The centrifugal self-priming  are the
standard for industrial and sewage applications. The heavy duty
construction and easy-to-service design have made this pump to be
the standard self-priming trash pump in the industry. The combination
of different pump sizes, impeller trims and speed variations ensure
that the correct capacity pump will be matched to the exact
requirements of your system, whether it's a small sub-division or a
large waste collection system. Self-priming trash pumps feature a large
volute design that allows them to re-prime automatically in a
completely open system without the need for suction or discharge
check valves - and they can do it with the pump casing only partially
filled with liquid and a completely dry suction line.


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